An Introduction

I love being a Product Designer (UI/UX). You get to be creative, solve problems, work with computers, and study people. I can’t imagine a better combination. But being creative, understanding the tools and processes, and working hard don’t always equal success. It’s not enough. There’s an unseen layer above it all, and it’s a minefield to navigate. 

We need to learn business (equity, IPO, etc), handle office politics, understand management, gain respect for our craft, have patience, and accept the overall sense of reality we must live in. These are the things we aren’t usually prepared for, and it can leave us feeling lost and confused. In some cases it can hurt our careers.

This is what we aim to discuss here. We want to talk about everything they don't teach in design class. Everything related to our job that’s unrelated to our craft, all from the perspective of a designer. To change the rules of the game, first we must learn how to play it. Hopefully with these articles we can prepare a bit more for the difficult future. 

Edwin Delgado